WEST END LBNY was born out of the aftermath of a community devastated by the mother of all storms. WE are inspired by the spirit to rebuild not only our homes but also our genuine, unique vibe. This spirit fuels our desire to create and grow something we can call our own as we forget the tired old corporate branding machines from the other coast. WEST END LBNY is not just a brand, or a lifestyle. It’s an inner peace found on the outskirts of Metropolis. 
We donate $1 for every t-shirt we sell to the West End Beautification Fund through Project Challenge

MISSION:Project Challenge is a community-based youth and family program that seeks to provide a safe haven for all. Their mission is to keep youngsters off the streets and away from difficult situations including drugs, alcohol, tobacco and gangs.  They offer participants constructive activities which encompass educational, cultural, recreational, social, and job assistance programs. Their programs promote self-expression, foster community loyalty, and encourage individual and team level achievement.  Additionally, they assist parents in understanding the problems faced by today's youth; inform the community about local health-related events; alert families to cultural, social, and recreational programs and it is our goal to improve quality of life in our community.

Project Challenge has served Long Beach and neighboring towns since its inception in 1989. Project Challenge is located on 111 Delaware Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561